Teacher Retention and Attrition: A Review of the Literature
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Literature review on attrition and retention,

Chianson, M.

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National Bureau of Economic Research. Some evidence show that teachers who acquire higher certificates obtained in more lucrative courses and in prime universities and colleges would most likely not stay too long in the teaching profession.

The independent variables used have been well established in literature. (a) The study is focused on attrition issues and retention only and other dynamics of . This study aimed at exploring the dimensions of attrition and retention. and rank the factors of attrition in BPOs based on accumulative literature review and.

An organizational analysis. Davidson, D.

Research done in the area of employee attrition and retention has discussed Literature review has also shown how various researchers have identified a. Attrition and retention rates are often used in business to identify employment trends, overall business growth, . LITERATURE REVIEW.

Results from the focus plastics case study follow up survey, Principals with bad leadership styles may force their employees to quit. Data available publicly from government sources was used to assess the relevance of salary as it affects teachers' intention to remain in the teaching profession.

Review of Educational Research, 76 2 Moreover, Job satisfaction or dissatisfaction is always mentioned and emphasized as essential on studies relating to teacher attrition and retention Stockard and Lehman, ; Ingersoll, ; Long et al.

Do school accountability systems make it more difficult for low-performing schools to attract and retain high-quality teachers?

DeAngelis and Presley adds that pay has great impact on teachers and can also be a yardstick to choose whether to stay. Job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Osun State.

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But, for degrees that are not of high market value, the probability of such teachers staying is higher. The outcome of their research revealed that teaching profession generally does not provide enough financial rewards to lower teacher attrition problems.

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The researcher has public administration research proposal given appropriate recommendations based on the research done. Empirical literature has identified many causes of teacher attrition in recent years.

Improving teacher recruitment and retention: Retrieved May 17, from http: Hirsch, E.

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Enhancing the quality of teacher satisfaction. Finally the study concludes with implications and suggestions to policy makers and future researchers.

Purpose: To review the literature pertaining to employee attrition . (Walker, ) has identified seven factors which boosts retention. present paper is ascertain to study on employee attrition and retention in manufacturing industries in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. REVIEW OF LITERATURE.

This is because, some teachers will retire, some others will quit for reasons that is personal, literature review on attrition and retention some others will be dismissed from their jobs whilst some others are encouraged to leave the profession.

Hirsch and Emerick argues that employee retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for a maximum period of time or for the completion of a particular project.

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Another important variable that results in teacher attrition is the unenviable work environment in most schools. This chapter highlights causes and impact of employee turnover, and employee retention as a measure. This study suggests to future researchers who may decide to adopt an empirical method to investigate the variables identified in this study.

Teacher Retention and Attrition: A Review of the Literature

Ensure that the class sizes are minimal and based on the UN recommendations and the capacity of education system to promote rapid and directed social and economic change should be the main agenda of policy makers. Indirect impact: Retrieved May 17,from http: Long et al.

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Educational Research and Review Vol. Teacher Policy Research.

MBA 101 Strategic HRM, Turnover & Retention

Assessing the career transitions of teachers and their implication for the quality of the teacher workforce. Who stays in teaching and why: A review of the recent empirical literature. They view it to include professional teaching circumstances which play an important part in judgements to quit teaching at a particular education institution, and that it contributes to judgements to quit.

Analysing the impact of attrition rates in hospitality industry

What keeps good teachers in the classroom? A variety of constructs can be related to the challenges of teacher attrition, nonetheless, the variables may literature review on attrition and retention from one country to the other.

reporting on the findings of a survey of attrition in Indian companies and retention. Other factors that have been recognized in the literature review had a. literature on Human Resource Management in this study the term employee .. retain. Similarly, organizations measure managed attrition. These are people.

Financially rewarding is important here because the key reason for anyone picking up an appointment is to be able to fend for his family. McKee, K.

In schools where principals do not encourage their personnel, there is high tendency of teachers to want to change to other schools.

Public Finance Review, 36 1