Reading Quiz on "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift
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The following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal. AP English Language and Composition Practice Question

Reading Quiz on "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

The writer avoids the common error made in comparison and contrast essays; she does NOT write first about one review in one paragraph and another in a second paragraph. The author is saying that the new meat will be expensive, and only the rich landlords will be able to afford it.

  1. Often, it is believed that if one ignores an issue or a problem, it will merely disappear.
  2. Reading Quiz: "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift
  3. In fact, learning is an active and a varied process.

You can eliminate answers B and C right away. In this piece of literary criticism, the author is making a connection between what Gulliver experienced and what an eighteenth-century Londoner might have seen exhibited in fairs and inns. Did you choose C? However, when certain issues are not dealt with, they can fester until they become something far more serious than they were originally; racism is one such issue.

Schooling will be brought to an end if it has no end. The entire second half of the text is about the reason for how long does it take to finish a research paper.

Given that he describes reason as abstract, it figures that motivation should be roughly the opposite—or at least not the same. The speaker is warming up his audience with a bit of humor before launching into what amounts to a very serious ultimatum: Therefore, B is the only acceptable answer.

I will only hold that office upon the condition of being unshackled by any other obligations than those of consulting the public interests, and of providing for the public safety.

JONATHAN SWIFT. is shown by the following passage from 'A Modest Proposal.' 'I grant. In his essay A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift. Read the. Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" is one of the most savage and powerful works in the English language. Swift composed the satirical essay in the summer of , after three call attention to in the first paragraph of "A Modest Proposal "? Following a lengthy "digression" (involving testimony from an.

Choice A is the best answer. Answers ACDand E are at least half wrong therefore completely wrong. The best way to approach this type of question is to substitute in the answer choices for the original word and see which one makes the most sense. This question sets up many of the others that follow it so make sure you get this one correct.

AP English Language and Composition Practice Test

If the novel is not relevant, then why does the critic spend half of the passage discussing it? In this case, the last sentence is built on an apparent contradiction of terms: In these days of easy access to information via the internet, colleges are becoming increasingly concerned that students do not take seriously the intellectual property of authors and end up plagiarizing, wittingly or not.

Women were not supposed to know those same crude realities, and, therefore, could not use the crude words that fit with those realities.

this first passage, taken from Jonathan Swift's “A Modest Proposal” is a relatively This question sets up many of the others that follow it so make sure you get . out (B) and (C), and while the subject matter of this essay might be of interest. Read the following passage carefully before you choose your answers,. In his essay "A Modest Proposal," Jonathan Swift wrote the following: MXS.

In fact, learning is an active and a varied process. All Princeton Review books are useful; this is a Princeton Review book; therefore, this book is useful.

Question: 1. In his essay "A Modest Proposal," Jonathan Swift wrote the following: This text can best be described as. A. scientific. B. satirical. C. forthright. Questions refer to the following information. In his essay "A Modest Proposal," Jonathan Swift wrote the following: 1. This text can best be described.

A and C. The s and s were a demonstration of just what can happen when an entire nation pretends that nothing is wrong or unequal. But be careful!

If the novel is not relevant, then why does the critic spend half of the passage discussing it?

Both Scott and the anonymous author make use of popular conventions, standards, and allusions of their time period. The definition of pernicious is: No group of people can become full, contributing members of their community if they are systematically denied the chance to be responsible for matters affecting that community. An oxymoron is an apparent contradiction of terms; a paradox is an apparent contradiction of ideas.

The other two answers are more esoteric, but logic leads you to eliminate them, even if you do not fully understand them as rhetorical terms. This author emphasizes that French Romanticism is important much earlier in the eighteenth century.

AP English Language and Composition Practice Question

Furthermore, answers CDand E are not substantiated in any way by the text, and B is the opposite of what is true. Its use of language is skilled and it is reasonably well constructed. In the s, there were many magazines available for the literate to purchase and indulge in, some were professional journals intended for those who worked in a particular industry like science or literaturewhile others were broader publications for the general public.

Footnotes give information about authorship and publication place and date and can also provide hints as to the purpose of a piece of writing or its context.

People do not tend to engage thoughtfully in issues in which they are legally forbidden from having any influence.

If so, you fell into a trap. It is understandable that answer E may tempt you, but the diction in this sentence is hardly a revelation. Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss; the longer a problem is put aside, the harder it is how to get your thesis published conquer when one finally decides to face it.

Do you think that the the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal, the most powerful man in Great Britain, allowed his mood to shift or to affect his tone? This is a fairly straight-forward question that asks you to consider the type of material you are reading and what the author is saying within that context.

Although, conceivably, it could come from a history text The following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposalthe entire passage only deals with Romanticism, and seems to get into a little too much depth, and controversially, to be appropriate for a history text.

the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal the diary of anne frank essay prompts

It is about learning, and most importantly, the reason for learning. Even if you do not know the correct answer, you should never fall for this kind of trick; seldom or never will the question and the correct answer have a relationship such as this one.

AP English Language & composition exam

If we agree that this and the other examples are analogous to the case before the court segregation of passengers by racethen we are forced to agree with this judge. In the United States, the quintessential example of such a problem is racism.

How to start a history research essay

Answer C is the one to eliminate. All the other terms fit neatly into the nautical terminology. The proposal is to fatten the children for slaughter, just as if they were livestock sheep, cattle, or pigs.

We know that he is the minister of England because of the final sentences; and these sentences also reveal definitively that he is speaking to peers:

Without our cultures and races, we would have nothing to separate one person from another. Take a look at B.

Had she wanted to stress emotional strength, she would have replaced mind with heart. It is difficult to gauge just how deleterious the flaw may be. As Susan B.

the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal microsoft office cover letter format