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A structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management. Modeling for Green Supply Chain Evaluation

Compared to SCM, grouping all activities related to manufacturing from raw material acquisition until delivery of the final product, GSCM aims to control and minimize waste in the industrial system so as to save energy and prevent the dissipation of harmful substances into the environment. In fact, the leap from supply chain management to green supply chain management has been relatively rare in the Moroccan context.

relationship between money and happiness essay a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management

It inhibited the damage to environment to achieve the purification of the logistics a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management and the best use of logistics resources. For these reasons, the green supply chain management GSCMas a field of ecological economics sustainabilityis recognized as a direct and effective mechanism to address environmental problems.

A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply Chain A great shift of supply chain management already take place in whole. A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply . review of multi-stage green supply chain management, and.

This study concentrates mainly on the supplier selection problem. As a result the CEM has been proposed at the end of this phase.

Literature Review on Green Supply Chain Management Concept and . classical supply chain management, the GSCM method requires that Jayant, A., Azhar, M., (), Analysis of the Barriers for Implementing Green Supply Chain. Management (GSCM) Practices: An Interpretive Structural Modeling. PDF | Green supply chain management is defined as "the process of using environmentally friendly paper is to briefly review the literature of the green supply chain .. Life-cycle analysis is an important sub concept to Green Design. Ranking of Green Practices using Interpretive Structural Modeling.

The method of DEMATEL was chosen to assess the inner dependence level existence of green supply chain management, for selected practice indicators, and to build a network relationship map NRM if you could travel back in time essay well as structural complex causal relationship visualization between the system criteria which acquires the criteria influence levels.

International Aircraft rental business plan of Comparative Management, Vol.

a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management md phd significant research essay

GSCM has emerged as an important organizational philosophy that tries to reduce environmental impacts and risks Hu and Hsu ; Azevedo et al. Those methods are also uniformly distributed among several application areas. Supplier selection is a fundamental issue of supply chain area which heavily contributes to the overall supply chain performance [ 1 ].

For now, donates pair wise comparisons between any two criteria and it is assigned integer score ranging from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Modeling for Green Supply Chain Evaluation

The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Hence, the multi-criteria decision-making MCDA methods combined with fuzzy set theory are involved to provide a systematic methodology for adequate evaluation of sustainable supply chain management practices.

In the last century, the most important challenge for enterprises has been integrating of social, environment, and economic performance to obtain sustainable improvement [ 11 ]; in other words, if firms want to survive in the global market they cannot disregard environmental issues.

Further, a quantitative modelling approach, i. In other words, managing of recovered products has become an important business for many firms.

  • Modeling for Green Supply Chain Evaluation
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In the same context, a detailed procedure to solve complex problems of GSCM strategy-selection and evaluate the most appropriate activity in each business function using analytic network process ANP is presented by Chen et al. As well, there is not any consideration to complex causal relationship between criteria of the system along dependences and feedbacks among criteria and alternatives simultaneously [ 13 ].

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Green Logistics GL is the management activities to pursue customer satisfaction and social development goals, connecting the main body of green supply and demand, overcoming space and time obstacles to achieve efficient and rapid movement of goods and services. Green Supplier Evaluation Criteria It includes several concepts such as quality of services, new technologies, organization levels, and so forth that is, the level of relationship cooperation and attitudes are the major factors for GSC supplier suitability.

Why did Nick leave the East and move back to the Midwest? His neighbor, Michaelis, tries to console him, but nothing seems to help.

Application and Testing of the Model For testing the model, a case study with expert interview technique is applied for this research. Its mathematical form is shown by Eq.

Introduction Environmental protection is becoming more and more important for enterprises because of stronger public awareness, competitors and communities, and government regulations.

The products are obtained from the end users and returned to the factory for disposal. The third concern is that firms should change their environmental performance methods in order to incorporate environmental concerns of external sources. The initial direct effects that each criterion exerts on and receives from other criteria are exposed in the average matrixwhich is also called the initial direct influenced.

The identification of these criteria and alternatives is performed on the basis of the literature review, brainstorming and discussion between three decision group members.

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Boutkhoum et al. In this context, the use of a decision-making methodology based on fuzzy analytical hierarchy process FAHP and fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution fuzzy TOPSISto firstly identify the best GSCM practices, and then evaluate and rank these practices according to their importance and their impact on the strategic evolution of organizations adopting them, has not received much interest in terms of scientific research, and particularly for its application in the Moroccan regions.

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Evidently, internal GSCM practices and external green collaboration have significant impacts on green performance, which leads to improve firm competitiveness Yang et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work essay cleaning properly cited.

However, applying these practices and selecting the most appropriate ones for implementation is becoming increasingly difficult due to many barriers Jayant and Azhar ; Govindan et al.

It is important to analyse the factors that motivates the companies to implement the green way of manufacturing. Selecting suitable suppliers for purchasing the raw materials is an important part of the operation [ 45 ].


Figure 1: In the same context, customers are also becoming more and more concerned about the environment and are making procurement choices with an eye on environmentally friendliness, taking as examples, environmental logistics short distance goods deliverychoices of environmentally friendly packaging, and recourse to ecological logistics modes Jayaram and Avittathur Figure 1 shows an example of such a network influence map which helps to explain the structure of the factors.

Case Analysis Method Green supplier selection problem is a sort of complex multiple criteria decision making problem including both quantitative and qualitative factors, which may be inconsistent and may be uncertain. Reducing the environmental pollution from upstream to downstream during procuring raw materials, producing, distribution, selling products, and products depreciation is the most important goal of green supply chain management GSCM.

Mathiyazhagan et al. This leads to reach a win—win perspective Hart and Dowell by enabling firms to create and generate more business opportunities Wang and Chan Causal evaluation model CEM.

operations research and green supply chain management. . mathematical models to reduce GHG emission across supply chain networks. the literature, and completing the critical. analysis. In this review, the The remainder of the paper is structured as follows: in the next section, we reviewed the. A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply Chain A great shift of supply chain management already take.

The followed methodology and its application are briefly described in the following section. In spite of traditional supplier selection that focused on price, quality, and delivery on time [ 12 ] or concentrated only on the requirements of single organizations and good graduation speech to consider the whole supply chain [ 13 ], green supplier selection processes have to focus on improving environmental factors in whole supply chain through organizational performance and activities, consumption, logistics, customer service, and financial performance concurrently [ 1415 ].

As such, dealing with uncertain and heterogeneous information requires a systematic framework to collect and organize technical and analytical information.

Step 1 finding the direct-relation average matrix.

A conceptual framework for the evaluation of the enablers has also been presented. According to Theyel [ 37 ], collection of schemes is classified according to material to sort and reuse products to reduce manufacturing costs.

On the other hand, some of these quantitative methods have complicated calculation, while others cannot avoid subjective presumption [ 8 ].

medicine store business plan a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management

This study developed a causal evaluation model to guide selection of qualified suppliers by prioritizing various criteria and mapping causal relationships to find effective criteria to improve green supply chain.

The emergence of supply relationship has shown that suppliers are needed for a set of competences that form part of the supply system, which is capable of facing market competition [ 29 ].

Furthermore, Yeh and Chuang have developed an optimum mathematical planning model for partner selection in green supply chain problems using multi-objective genetic algorithm.

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Literature Review 2. This is because of growing awareness regarding the environmental and global warming concerns.

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Analysis of interactions among the enablers of green supply chain management using interpretive structural modelling: Hence, the industries will now be answerable to their customers about how green argumentative essay money is the root of all evil manufacturing processes and supply chains are.

These methods can be grouped into two approaches: For this reason, a multi-criteria decision-making methodology, combining fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution fuzzy TOPSISis proposed to contribute to a better understanding of new sustainable strategies through the identification and evaluation of the most appropriate GSCM practices to be adopted by industrial organizations.

During the assessment process of the GSCM practices, ten criteria and ten alternatives have been considered.

how to write a research paper in law school a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management

Step 1 finding the direct-relation average matrix. The Supply chain has been known to comprise of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, transporters, warehouses, and customers; these are all directly or indirectly helped in customer request fulfillment [ 19 ]. Organizational Performance The requirements for strategic performance may not be environmentally based and are important to assist in identifying how well different alternative factors can be performed.

GL is a multilevel concept which includes both the green logistics business activities and social activities for green logistics management, standardization, and control [ 34 ].