Indian ocean tsunami case study
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Case study of tsunami on december 26 2004. Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami - Wikipedia

The exact amount is not yet known, but theoretical models suggest the earthquake shortened the length of a day by 2. This energy is equivalent to over 1, times that of the Hiroshima atomic bombbut less than that of Tsar Bombathe largest nuclear weapon ever detonated; however, the total physical work done MW and thus energy by the quake was 4.

Meetings were conducted with involvement from all affected countries where policy, procedures and day-to-day operations were discussed and implemented.

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Kenyon specialist teams provided advice on DNA collection, chain of custody procedures and DNA data management processes. At Ulee Lheue in Banda Aceha survivor[ who?

[1] The devastating 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami stressed the need for assessing tsunami hazard in vulnerable coastal areas. Case study: tsunami. On Sunday 26 December , a magnitude 9 earthquake occurred off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra in the Indian Ocean.

The tsunami stranded cargo ships and barges and destroyed a cement factory near the Lampuuk coast. Kenyon provided continuous operational, technical and logistical support to the international response operation for over eight months.

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As well as the sideways movement between the plates, the Indian Ocean earthquake resulted in a rise of the sea floor by several metres, displacing an estimated 30 cubic kilometres 7. Island folklore recounted an earthquake and tsunami inand the islanders fled to inland hills after the initial shaking and before the tsunami struck.

Further Information If you would like to know more about Kenyon International Emergency Services and how we can complement your existing emergency plan please contact us by email at kenyon kenyoninternational. The tsunami hit the entire coastline of Sri Lanka around 2 hours after the earthquake.

Distance alone was no guarantee of safety, as Somalia was hit harder than Bangladesh despite being much farther away. During the summer month of December, Southern Thailand is a popular tourist resort for many Europeans.

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The first warning sign of a possible tsunami is the earthquake itself. However, tsunamis can strike thousands of kilometres away where the earthquake is felt only weakly or not at all.

  • Over 30 different countries lost citizens as a result of the tsunami.
  • Kenyon teams provided specialist advice on chemical use and personal protective equipment for the response operation.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands appear to have shifted south-west by around 1. All of them are believed to be greater than magnitude 9, but no accurate measurements were available at the time.

The refracted tsunami waves inundated the southwestern part of Sri Lanka after some of its energy reflected from impact with the Maldives. The Indian Plate is part of the great Indo-Australian Platewhich ucl phd thesis abstract the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengaland is moving north-east at an average of 6 centimetres per year 2. The flow depth was just at the level of the second floor, and there were large amounts of debris piled along the streets and in the ground-floor storefronts.

Around the Indian Ocean, this rare sight reportedly induced people, especially children, to visit the coast to investigate and collect stranded fish on as much as 2.

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A study estimated a magnitude of Mw 9. Over 30 different countries lost citizens as a result of the tsunami. Kenyon was contracted by the Australian Government to support the international disaster response operation in Thailand.

Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami - Wikipedia

She and her parents warned others on the beach, which was evacuated safely. Tsunami run-up measurements along the Sri Lankan coasts are at 2. There were no tsunami warning systems in the Indian Ocean to detect tsunamis or to warn the general population living around the ocean. The India Plate sinks deeper and deeper beneath the Burma Plate until the increasing temperature and pressure drive volatiles out of the subducting plate.

Indian Ocean Tsunami

Solutions Kenyon provided two mobile mortuaries, mortuary equipment and consumables and appropriate personnel to support the mortuary operation. On Pulau Wehhowever, the island experienced strong surges in the port of Sabangyet there was little damage with a reported runup values of 3—5 m 9. The Royal Thai National Police had overall responsibility for the response operation closely supported by the Australian Federal Police and senior officers from other response police agencies.

List of earthquakes in Indonesia and List of earthquakes in Initial earthquake and aftershocks measuring greater than 4. Kenyon mortuary teams embalmed and case study of tsunami on december 26 2004 remains following post mortem examination in preparation for final disposition. case study of tsunami on december 26 2004

1] The devastating 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami stressed the need for assessing tsunami hazard in vulnerable coastal areas. Numerical modeling. This case study provides a reminder that planning for warnings must be done attempt at evaluating Indian Ocean tsunami warnings on 26 December

Approximately 5, non-Thai nationals from 30 different nationalities died as a result of the tsunami. Their seismic moments can account for a significant fraction of the global seismic moment across century-scale time periods.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

The slip did not happen instantaneously but took place in two phases over several minutes: A number of changes were made to the deceased sample collection procedures and the DNA analysis.

Maximum height of the waves that hit Indonesia Coasts that have a landmass between them and the tsunami's location of origin are usually safe; however, tsunami waves can sometimes diffract around such landmasses.

The only other recorded earthquakes of magnitude 9. Bangladeshwhich lies at the northern end of the Bay of Bengalhad few casualties despite being a low-lying country relatively near the epicenter. The last major tsunami was caused by the eruption of Krakatoa.

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Eyewitnesses reported 10 to 12 waves, the second and third being the highest. Pressure from external bodies is evident when identifications of home nationals is slow.

Therefore, problem-solving and analytical skills are essential for every organization to increase productivity and for the smooth functioning of the entire workforce.

Setting up the communications infrastructure to issue timely warnings is an even bigger problem, particularly in a relatively impoverished part of the world. In the early stages of the response, difficulties were experienced with DNA comparisons.

GCSE or A-level geography case study on the Asian tsunami that caused the tsunamistruck at am on December 26th • The. The Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, , not only affected the Bay of Bengal coast of India but also part of the Arabian Sea coast of India. In particular .

Coastal villages were destroyed by the tsunami waves. Thus, the state of Kerala was hit by the tsunami despite being on the western coast cover letter esthetician India, and the western coast of Sri Lanka suffered substantial impacts.

A formal command structure was developed early in the response operation in support of the Thai National Police, comprised of two Kenyon Chiefs of Staff who reported to the Thai Royal National Police.

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It took a relatively long time to reach Struisbaai at the southernmost point of Africa, probably because of the broad continental shelf off South Africa and because the tsunami would have followed the South African coast from east to west. The overall scope of the disaster and the large number of deceased was overwhelming.

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  • When an operational plan was developed with allocated roles, responsibilities and resources, the scope of the operation became manageable.
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Weh, Breueh, and Nasi, lie just north of the capital city. This quake, together cover letter esthetician the Good Friday earthquake Alaskaand the Great Chilean earthquakeaccount for almost half of the total moment.

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The seismograms are arranged vertically by distance from the epicenter in degrees. For example, the folklore of the Onges talks of "huge shaking of ground followed by high wall of water". The aftershock would curriculum vitae editabile con foto considered a major earthquake under ordinary circumstances but is dwarfed by the mainshock.

As well, the tsunami was large enough to be detected in Vancouverwhich puzzled many scientists, as the tsunamis measured in some parts of South America were larger than those measured in some parts of the Indian Ocean. In Februaryscientists revised the estimate of the magnitude to 9.

Case Study: Indian Ocean Tsunami | Kenyon International Emergency Services

Many of the Kenyon team performed multiple rotations. Kenyon provided crisis communication advice and cover letter esthetician to the Australian government.

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This was followed by a large withdrawal of the sea before the second and third waves hit. When an operational plan was developed with allocated roles, responsibilities and resources, the scope of the operation became manageable.